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Seattle Film Nut

NW-Based fanatics unite!

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This community is nothing fancy, just a place for Seattle-centric moviegoers to discuss, argue, review, note, post, etc. I know the interests list is, in terms of representation, bullshit - mostly directors and a bit of local color, with movie stars sprinkled throughout - but you gotta do what you gotta do. Any glaring mistakes/absences should be noted.

There aren't any real limiting criteria for what you can post, but please put a little bit of thought into your entries and avoid childish arguments (to the extent that one can in a film-based discussion.) And when you post a review or analysis, please support it more fully than by arguing "this movie sucks".
911 media arts, action, akira kurosawa, alec guiness, andrei tarkovsky, ang lee, anime, atom egoyan, auteur theory, bertolucci, billy wilder, black and white movies, blaxploitation, both hepburns, buster keaton, cartoons, cary grant, charlie chaplin, cinema seattle, cinematography, clara bow, classic movies, clint eastwood, coffee, comedy, costa-gavras, danny boyle, darius khondji, david cronenberg, david fincher, david lynch, david mamet, directors, documentaries, dogma 95, drama, dvd, ed wood, editing, eisenstein, fassbinder, federico fellini, film comment, film theory, foreign films, francis ford coppola, frank capra, fritz lang, george lucas, german expressionism, greta garbo, harold lloyd, henry-georges clouzot, hitchcock, howard hawks, humphrey bogart, independent film, ingmar bergman, italian neorealism, jacques rivette, james cagney, jean cocteau, jean renoir, jean-luc godard, jean-pierre jeunet, jimmy stewart, john huston, john woo, kenji mizoguchi, krszystof kieslowski, lauren bacall, lubitsch, luchino visconti, luis bunuel, marc caro, martin scorsese, max ophuls, midnight movies, mike nichols, mira nair, musicals, nw film forum, oliver stone, orson welles, otto preminger, overdone explosions, pacific place, patrice leconte, paul schrader, pen-ek ratanaruang, peter sellers, pier paolo pasolini, powell & pressburger, pretension, propaganda, quentin tarantino, revival theatres, richard linklater, ridley scott, robert altman, robert bresson, roman polanski, romance, rudolph valentino, sam fuller, sam peckinpah, satyajit ray, scarecrow video, screenwriters salon, screwball comedies, screwball comedy, seattle film institute, sergio leone, shohei imamura, siff, silent film, snobbery, spike lee, stanley kubrick, steven soderburgh, steven spielberg, stop-motion animation, takashi miike, the coen brothers, the crest, the egyptian, the french new wave, the golden age, the grand illusion, the guild 45th, the harvard exit, the little theatre, the maltese falcon, the marx brothers, the metro, the neptune, the seven gables, the stranger, the three stooges, the varsity, tim burton, truffaut, victor fleming, werner herzog, wes anderson, wiggly world studios, wim wenders, wong kar-wai, yasujiro ozu, zhang yimou