Review: 3-Iron at SIFF

Over the weekend, I saw "3-Iron" at the Film Festival. It's by the same guy who made "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring," and left me with much the same feeling afterwards. It was an interesting film, and kept me more or less entertained for the time that I watched it, but it did little to make a lasting impression.

It is incredibly slow-paced. This isn't something that inherently bothers me - I'm quite fond of a number of very slow-paced films. But one needs to have a reason for their pacing, and it never felt like this film did. It didn't do much to build any sort of mood, it wasn't used to form a contrast to any faster-paced segments. It was gradual just for the sake of being gradual.

The film was also extremely quirky, to the point that it often didn't seem to be about anything beyond trying to elicit a "heh, that's weird" chuckle from the audience.

It wasn't a bad film. As I said, I was certainly entertained. But it felt like there was a great film hiding in there, wanting to get out, had the director just tried to do, well, anything at all. So what we get is a film that, while not in any substantial way bad, is drastically worse than it feels like it should be. A wasted opportunity.

SIFF - Week 1 review

so this community is dead but I thought I'd give it a go anyways! =) I've been enjoying the SIFF very much so far. I have been to five movies and I thought I'd post my reviews of some if no one minds, heh.

I saw Yasmin on Saturday night. I'm guessing it was the weather, but the people-watching was a bit dull for a Saturday night on Capitol Hill. I was rather disappointed. Only one person decided to roll down their window and yell, "YEAH STAR WARS!!!" at the line, heh. The movie was as great as I expected it to be, however, the ending left a lot to be desired. It was a short flick so I wish the director would have added another half an hour and tied up some lose ends. I gave the movie a 4 out of 5 overall.

Sunday I caught No More Tears Sister before I went to work. I had never heard of Dr. Rajani Thiranagama before I saw the movie, but I was very moved by the story of her and her family. She and several members of her family were Sri Lankan political activists in the 70s and 80s. Her older sister was the first female Sri Lankan political prisoner. The story was captivating, but the movie itself was a bit dull. An aspect I found very interesting about it was that one of her daughters played her in the re-enactment parts of the movie. That must have been VERY difficult. I gave the movie a 4 out of 5 overall.

Monday I went to a couple of movies after work. I saw Shake Hands With the Devil. Wow. Fucking AMAZING!! I was so stunned that the tears that wanted to fall just would not escape my eyes. There was one part that it felt like the flood gate opened and they all came running out at the same time. It was the documentary based on the book by Romeo Dallaire (who was portrayed by Nick Nolte in "Hotel Rwanda") and his first journey back to Rwanda in ten years. Wow. It was fucking fabulous and it truly earned it's score of 5 of 5....I sure hope it wins the Golden Spaceneedle for Documentary this year.

Then I ran across the street and saw La Sierra which I really liked! After seeing something as powerful as Shake Hands With the Devil it was much easier to sit through. I was intrigued by the "norms" that were shown in the movie. It was normal to be married, a mother, and possibly a widow by the time you are 16 in this area of Columbia. The movie was sad in the sense that the people featured in the movie had no desire to escape their surroundings. No one questioned what else was out there in the world that might have been better. That part was odd to me cause I've always had that question everything mentality. I was a little more than offended by the audience reactions too. I expect that people who come to the SIFF at 9pm on a Monday for a Columbian documentary are going to be a little more open-minded than the average movie go-er....but I was proved wrong. There was a lot of laughter at the girls and their number of pregnancies. There were seriously a couple of times I wanted to get up and start yelling, but it would not have changed anything. I gave the movie 4 out of 5 overall.

Wednesday I saw another drama. It was a Slovenian flick called Beneath Her Window about a dancer who is in a rut and falls in love with her stalker......LMFAO....yeah, it hit a little too close to home to NOT see....except I don't have a stalker, lol. It was ok, I liked it but I was tired when I saw it so I wasn't totally into it. It had a Short before it that was hands down the WORST piece of shit I have ever seen! I gave the Short a 1 of 5 and that is the first time if four years I have ever given a rating of 1!!! I gave Beneath Her Window a 3 of 5 overall.

I saw another short film before a movie, but I can't remember which feature it was attached to....I think it was Yasmin but don't quote me. The Short was The Moor and it was great! It had the guy from Candyman 2 in it, hahaha, and a lady that I think I recognized but I couldn't place her. I enjoyed it very much and gave it a 5 out of 5 cause I was totally engrossed for the entire 20 minutes. I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone around here is into shorts.

So that's all for now, let's see if that breathes any life into this community. =)


Well, the SIFF schedule is up. What's everyone going to see? Myself I'm excited about "2046" by Wong Kar-wai, "Après Vous" by Pierre Salvadori, "Godzilla: Final Wars" by Ryuhei Kitamura, "Howl's Moving Castle" by Hayao Miyazaki, "Saraband" by Ingmar Bergman, and "The Well" by Kristian Petr.

Especially "Saraband" and "2046" - I've been waiting for these two for a long time now.

Now, if the Magic Lantern would show "Scenes From A Marriage" some time before "Saraband" - that would be wonderful.

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Hello there, it seems to me that this is an abandoned community, but I happened to notice that one of the "interests" in the profile is "screwball comedies." I hope no one will kill me if I take this opportunity to advertise my own community, cornerdrugstore which is about the screwball comedy, What's Up Doc? A very good movie, by the way. ^_^ I hope someone comes around to working on this community since it seems to be a pretty good idea.
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I didnt create this community, but since no one else will, I have taken it upon myself to create the first entry. hoorah!
The Last three movies I've seen (in theaters)
1) "Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events"- I can't exactly put my finger on why I didnt like this movie. I loved the look of it, which had definite tim burton potential. The acting was alright, not Jim Carrey's best performance (except for the character of Stephano=Brilliant) and the rest of the characters were mediocre, nothing exceptional. Granted, I came into the movie a few minutes late, but with the exception of the hurricane scene, I felt detached from it in a way. All in all, it left something to be desired.
2) "Closer"- Enough with the fucking slow-mo! I swear I wanted to kill Mike Nichols for using slow-mo for the first 5 minutes of the film. But don't get me wrong, Mike Nichols is one of my favorite directors and this film did not tarnish his career by any means. I thought the acting was good and the screenplay was phenomenal. Finally, let me say that I am a complete sucker for romantic movies, so my opinion is swayed a little, but I still recommend it.
3) "Sideways"- Paul Giamatti is the king of the sad loser. He perfected it in "American Splendor" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) but Harvey carries over into "Sideways" also. But I enjoyed the character of Jack (Thomas Hayden Church) much more than Paul Giamatti's character, Miles. The fact that Jack has the best one-liners helps his appeal, but I thought Giamatti could have done a lot more with his character. The split screens and fuzzy lighting weren't necessarily needed but they didnt hurt the film either. My favorite part of the film was the conversation between Maya (Madsen) and Miles (Giamatti). Extremely well acted, written and filmed. Overall, I'd give this film a couple stars but not a whole-hearted recommendation.

take THAT film critics of america.
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