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seamus mclean

Review: 3-Iron at SIFF

Over the weekend, I saw "3-Iron" at the Film Festival. It's by the same guy who made "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring," and left me with much the same feeling afterwards. It was an interesting film, and kept me more or less entertained for the time that I watched it, but it did little to make a lasting impression.

It is incredibly slow-paced. This isn't something that inherently bothers me - I'm quite fond of a number of very slow-paced films. But one needs to have a reason for their pacing, and it never felt like this film did. It didn't do much to build any sort of mood, it wasn't used to form a contrast to any faster-paced segments. It was gradual just for the sake of being gradual.

The film was also extremely quirky, to the point that it often didn't seem to be about anything beyond trying to elicit a "heh, that's weird" chuckle from the audience.

It wasn't a bad film. As I said, I was certainly entertained. But it felt like there was a great film hiding in there, wanting to get out, had the director just tried to do, well, anything at all. So what we get is a film that, while not in any substantial way bad, is drastically worse than it feels like it should be. A wasted opportunity.
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